Vision :

Excellence university that create prominent intelligence spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and socially

Mission :
  1. Educate and develop Islamic Studies and Muhammadiyah doctrines.
  2. Educate and instruct with life long learning principle.
  3. Conduct researches of national and international scales.
  4. Conduct community services and community empowerment with the principle of social welfare.
  5. Develop entrepreneurship spirit at any kind of sciences for the society need.
  6. Prepare human resources characterized as smart, creative, and competitive locally and globally.
Aims :
  1. Create intellectual with the faith, noble character, high self confidence, and work to develop the excellent community with the God’s blessing.
  2. Develop the sciences to develop the community welfares
  3. Prepare smart, competitive, and entrepreneur human resources
  4. Prepare cadres for organization, ummah (muslim community) and nation to realize the Muhammadiyah as driving forces for asking the kindness and prevent evil guided by Al Qur an values and Hadits.
  5. UHAMKA university as distinguished center for missionary endeavor of Muhammadiyah.


Alumny Excellences

1. Spiritually Intelligent

Obey the religion taught, diligent worhippers, noble character, good conscience and worthy example for others.

2. Intellectually Intelligent

a) Smart; b) creative; c) innovative; d) objective; e) agile; f) be solution for societies problem.

3. Emotionally Intelligent

a) Aware with theirselves; b) it is better to give than to receive ; c) emphaty; d) good needs of achievement; e) good at     cooperating and synergy.

4. Socially Intelligent

a) be beneficial for the environment; b) tolerant; c) respect the others; d) fonds of friendship; e) be inseparable part of the social community; and f) be responsible as part of Muhammadiyah Organization. Bermanfaat bagi lingkungan.